What is Involved in an AC Tune Up?

Scheduling a regular AC tune up plays a vital role in ensuring smooth AC maintenance. Many people don’t realize the importance that these routine checkups carry, and the consequences that follow when tune ups aren’t performed. A myriad of issues could begin plaguing your AC unit, which can easily escape notice. This allows for the AC unit to break down unexpectedly, normally happening when your air conditioner is needed the most. It’s inconvenient and stressful, but a lot of times, avoidable, if you get AC tune ups and allow your unit to be inspected every once in a while.

What Are AC Tune Ups?

AC tune ups are routine maintenance on an AC unit, where a repair team will check for any sign of damage or issues. This includes visually inspecting the unit, checking out parts and AC refrigerant, changing air filters, and looking for any potential problems in your AC unit. If anything is wrong, the repair team will fix the issues and restore your AC unit to prime working condition. This routine maintenance will prevent issues like your air conditioner not turning on, AC smells, and reduced energy efficiency.

What’s Involved?

Generally, there’s a list of HVAC maintenance that AC repair companies will look over when performing tune ups. They usually include: 

  • Condenser Coil Cleaning: When these coils are cleaned properly, it will ease the amount of wear and tear happening on your system. It also will increase efficiency and cost, while eliminating safety hazards, such as fire risks. 
  • Visual Inspection: Sometimes AC units develop cracks and scratches from weather, or other damage develops over time. Noticing these exterior issues can help prevent further problems from appearing down the line. It’s important to ensure everything is in prime working condition to prevent the need for AC repair service down the road.  
  • Evaluation of Coolant Level: If levels are correct, the system functions at the highest operating level. That’s why we keep AC refrigerant in stock to perform your refill during AC maintenance. 
  • Lubrication of Parts: This is an important step, as it will eliminate the friction that’s developed over time between the AC parts. If these parts are properly maintained, they won’t need to be repaired later, which will save money.
  • Calibration of the Thermostat: These levels can become slightly varied over time, so it’s important to pinpoint it on the correct number. 
  • Tightening the Electrical System: This ensures everything is operating correctly and eliminates safety hazards.
  • Testing the Systems: This checks that everything is working well, including air pressure levels, airflow, and the blower motor and belt. This is also a good time to notice any issues like AC smells or AC drain pan issues.
  • Changing Air Filters: This is a part of regular AC maintenance.
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AC Tune Up Cost 

AC tune-up costs vary but usually run anywhere between $75 and $200. The price depends on the AC tune-up checklist that companies follow, and how thorough their AC tune-up is. It also depends on if your system needs more AC refrigerant or parts replacement. More thorough inspections will come at a higher cost, but in the end, are usually worth it. A functioning AC is less likely to develop problems requiring expensive repairs later down the road.

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How Often Should You Get an AC Tune-Up?

Most AC repair companies will recommend getting an AC tune up about once a year. This allows for all maintenance to be checked and for potential problems to be rooted out before hot weather sets in. However, if you have an older AC unit, we recommend two AC tune ups a year. Older units are more prone to problems and wear and tear, which warrants more checkups. If you notice any AC smells or other issues, don’t hesitate in scheduling an AC tune up, even if it’s sooner than expected.

If you are looking for an AC tune up or need AC repair service, we would be happy to help. Please contact us with any questions on how we conduct AC maintenance here at Top Notch Heating & Air. We pride ourselves on excellent service and are confident that we can provide the best AC tune up possible to ensure your HVAC system operates reliably. Set up an appointment today and rest assured that your AC unit will be working at the highest quality, most efficient level possible. 

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