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Did you know that traditional air conditioning systems are not your only choice when it comes to AC units? If you’re looking for an energy-efficient system that will allow for perfect temperature control of your commercial or residential property, you may want to consider ductless air conditioning. This is a less-invasive way to power your home or workspace that offers multiple benefits. For those looking for ductless system installation, repair, or maintenance, contact Top Notch Heating & Air!

Our team specializes in offering HVAC service correctly the first time. For all ductless system services, you need a certified HVAC technician you can count on. Ductless mini split air conditioners must be installed by an experienced and licensed team. As with any HVAC service, heating and cooling are paramount to the comfort of your workspace and home. We understand how to provide effective service through clear communication with our customers, a developed service plan, and partnerships with quality brands that produce excellent products. 

Ductless System Installation

A ductless mini-split system uses an outdoor unit to power the cooling of the home or building. Instead of the air traveling through ducts, it’s powered by a blower unit that connects to the indoor air unit. You can have separate indoor blower units, which all connect to the outdoor condenser. This allows different zones to be created, which can be temperature controlled by a thermostat. This way, you can maintain different temperatures for various rooms and can turn off certain zones when not in use. The mixing of air won’t happen in different zones, so you can rest assured the ductless air conditioner will work efficiently and effectively. One benefit to ductless air conditioner installation is how quickly they can be installed. They only require a 3-4 inch wall opening to connect the indoor and outdoor units, which can be done quickly.

A ductless system installation may be beneficial to homes or businesses that don’t have existing ductwork. They’re also ideal for buildings that don’t need whole-structure cooling, because of zone cooling. This allows you the flexibility of controlling different temperatures for the different zones. 

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Commercial Properties That Benefit From a Ductless System

Numerous businesses and building types can benefit from a ductless system. Contact Top Notch Heating & Air for more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific property! A ductless system is a fantastic option for the following businesses:

  • Small Offices 
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Hotel and Motels
  • Server Rooms and Data Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilitites
  • Spas and Salons
  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Commercial Rental Properties

Ductless System Repair 

If you have issues with your ductless mini split system, our team is prepared to offer repair service. You may notice that rooms aren’t adjusting to the thermostat temperature, or that you hear a loud rattling noise. In this case, it’s important to schedule prompt ductless system repair. 

One of the best ways to combat ductless AC system issues is with annual maintenance. Our technicians are licensed and trained to provide this service, where we thoroughly examine your ductless system for signs of problems. An annual maintenance appointment will ensure that the ductless mini split air conditioner is operating at high energy efficiency.

Why Choose A Ductless System? 

  • Flexibility: Ductless mini split systems allow people to adjust temperatures to their preference, which means you can be flexible with temperatures in your home or office.
  • Energy Efficiency: Cool air is delivered immediately, as it doesn’t need to travel through ducts. This lets it maintain the desired temperature, which uses less energy. 
  • Quick Installation: Ductless systems do not take long to install and can usually be completed within a single appointment time. 
  • Quiet Operation: Ductless air conditioners are known to operate quietly and efficiently.
  • Smaller Units: A ductless mini split unit will take up less space on the exterior of your property. 
  • Heating and Cooling: A ductless split system will allow different temperatures to be present in various rooms, which can provide heating and cooling. 
  • Less Expensive: Because they don’t require ductwork, these systems are not as expensive to maintain.

Searching For Ductless System Service? 

At Top Notch Heating & Air, our technicians are well-trained to take on ductless system services. Beyond just offering precise repairs and installations, we focus on providing exceptional customer service sure to exceed your expectations. If you need any HVAC service, we’re committed to being the best provider in Buford GA! Contact us today for a free consultation about ductless system repair, installation, or maintenance. 

Our Reviews

Kye W.
They were very professional, really good customer service, and they were done really fast, within 2-3 days. They removed and replaced all my units (A/C, furnace, and vents). They came back last week and replaced my whole electrical panel too.
Qua J.
Very quick and fair. They come in and diagnose the issue quickly and inform us before they do anything. Their turnaround time is 24-48 hours which is very good.
Justin C.
Friendly. Fair price. Great work. Same day. Installed a unit I purchased online when all other ac repair would not. If you are smart and purchased your equipment yourself but need a license professional to install it for you, this is the business for you!
Decatur GA
The staff showed a genuine concern for me as a consumer. They were very kind and explained every detail of the project.
Jay B.
Prompt and professional. Easy to talk to and patient.
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