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Are you in need of a heat pump repair? Here at Top Notch Heating & Air, our technicians are trained in heat pump repair service. We understand how important your heat pump is, which is why we work hard to repair your heat pump problems promptly. When your heat pump is not working, you can trust in us to be there to handle your heat pump repair. Whether your heat pump is freezing up or blowing cold air, we can guarantee you a quality heat pump repair. Put your heat pump repair service in the right hands with Top Notch Heating & Air.  

Heat Pump Maintenance

Although your heat pump will need less maintenance than a traditional heating system, you will still need to have your local HVAC company perform routine maintenance. Having routine heat pump maintenance will help prevent major heat pump problems. Part of our heat pump repair services includes heat pump maintenance. Our skilled technicians are always ready to examine your heat pump and find any issues that may be affecting its efficiency. When you come to us for heat pump maintenance, we are able to find any heat pump problems early and repair it quickly. Call us today to schedule your heat pump maintenance with one of our expert HVAC technicians!

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Contact Us For Heat Pump Services 

When your heat pump is not working how it should be, you can call on us to take care of your heat pump repair any day of the week. We are confident that we can get your heat pump repair done quickly so you can get back to enjoying your system. Contact us to learn more about our heat pump services or to schedule a heat pump repair! We offer heat pump service in a wide service area including Buford, Lawrenceville, Sugar Hill, and more.

Signs You Need A Heat Pump Repair

  • Your Heat Pump Is Aging- Heat pump systems can last 10 to 12 years with proper maintenance. When your heat pump begins to age, it is best to schedule regular heat pump maintenance so it can continue to function properly. 
  • Loud Noises- If your heat pump starts to make loud banging or rattling noises, then it is a clear sign that you need a heat pump repair. If you notice large noises coming from your heat pump system, then you should schedule a heat pump repair as soon as possible. 
  • Increased Energy Bill- One of the benefits with a heat pump is that it can decrease your energy usage. If your energy bill has a significant increase without any major lifestyle changes, then it can be a sign that your heat pump system is not working properly. If you notice a rise in your energy bill, then you should consider having a heat pump repair. 
  • Inconsistent Heating or Cooling- If your home is feeling inconsistently hot or cold, it could be a sign of a heat pump problem. If you are experiencing periods of extreme heating or cooling, then heat pump repair is necessary. 


Need Heat Pump Repair?

Let Top Notch Heating and Air take care of all your Heat Pump Service needs!

Our Reviews

Qua J.
Very quick and fair. They come in and diagnose the issue quickly and inform us before they do anything. Their turnaround time is 24-48 hours which is very good.
Justin C.
Friendly. Fair price. Great work. Same day. Installed a unit I purchased online when all other ac repair would not. If you are smart and purchased your equipment yourself but need a license professional to install it for you, this is the business for you!
Decatur GA
The staff showed a genuine concern for me as a consumer. They were very kind and explained every detail of the project.
Jay B.
Prompt and professional. Easy to talk to and patient.
Kye W.
They were very professional, really good customer service, and they were done really fast, within 2-3 days. They removed and replaced all my units (A/C, furnace, and vents). They came back last week and replaced my whole electrical panel too.