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How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Indoor air pollution is a real danger in homes today, with the potential to spread harmful pollutants that contaminate the air and decrease indoor air quality. Research has found that air pollution in the home can be just as bad as it is outdoors. The average American spends 87% of their life indoors, which means that indoor air quality is really important. The majority of the air we breathe is borne indoors, complete with chemicals and pollutants that can be harmful to our health. To combat this, it’s important to have the right knowledge about indoor air quality and how to schedule preventative maintenance against it. That’s why we here at Top Notch Heating & Air are going to show you the steps you need to improve your indoor air quality.

Did you know? It’s a misnomer that people receive colds in the winter due to the dropping temperatures. It’s actually due to the fact that we’re inside more often, which exposes us to airborne pollutants, including cold and flu viruses. Indoor air quality is very important to our health, especially in the winter months! 

6 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Change AC Filter

AC systems are constantly working to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Through cycling air, their job is to filter out harmful air pollutants. Over time, the air filters will clog up and stop working. This can cause your indoor air quality to decrease and can wear down the AC system. It’s important that your AC filters are changed regularly or that you schedule routine maintenance service that includes an AC filter change. Don’t forget about other air filters as well, such as the ones in household appliances. Your dryer, kitchen vents, vacuum cleaner, and other appliances should be cleaned out and have their filters replaced every couple of months. 

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Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts are the main way that air circulates throughout your home. Dusty ducts can distribute contaminants through the rooms. It’s possible for mold to accumulate in the vents as well, which will reduce your indoor air quality. We recommend scheduling service at least once a year to clean your ducts out and ensure they’re circulating fresh air.

Improve Ventilation 

Install ceiling fans: Ceiling fans can be a great way to improve your indoor air quality. They’ll help with ventilation and can act in place of an air conditioner. If you have rooms in your home that don’t have ceiling fans, consider installing them. 

Open windows and doors: Open your windows and doors whenever possible to help improve your indoor air quality. If you have nice weather, this will bring fresh air inside and help the ventilation flow. 

Install trickle vents: Trickle vents are a great option because they’ll allow small amounts of fresh air inside the room. During hot summer days, this can help lower AC bills and prevent condensation build-up and mold growth.

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Purchase an Air Purifier 

Harmful pollutants such as mold, bacteria, dust, and allergens can gather inside your home where it can be hard to clean. This can negatively affect your health and majorly decrease indoor air quality. An air purifier can eliminate these pollutants from the air and keep your air clean and fresh. 

Keep Rugs and Carpet Clean

Rugs and carpets act as filters in a way, as they trap dust and air contaminants. It’s important to clean your carpets and rugs regularly to help improve your indoor air quality. If you keep them clean, they’ll be functional filters that trap pollutants you don’t want circulating in your home. 

Buy Houseplants 

Plants are a great way to have natural air filters. They can both enhance your home’s decor and improve the indoor air quality. You may want to invest in a bamboo palm tree or spider plant. They’ll work wonders at removing harmful pollutants from the air and can last for many years if you take good care of them! 

Advice On Indoor Air Quality

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