The Importance of HVAC during the Summer Months

What’s that large, boxy tin that sits outside of everyone’s home? Wouldn’t the back of your home look so much better without the unsightly look of a gray square next to your hydrangeas or emerald green bushes? Well if you haven’t already, now is the time you meet your unsung hero, the HVAC system.

Officially Meet Your HVAC System

It heats, cools, and ventilates your home throughout every fluctuating season of the year. Remember that time you couldn’t even go outside without being beside a body of water? Your handy HVAC unit was running at full capacity on the hottest days of the year. When it eventually got to be below freezing? You wouldn’t be caught dead to go outside without your heavy duty coat. Your HVAC was still next to your home, keeping you and your family snug. The number one importance of having a well-operating HVAC system during the summer months is comfortability. Having no air in the summer months would be like sitting in a stuffy attic during prime July heat! Within hours your home will be hot and uncomfortable. Top Notch Heating & Air can help you answer all of your questions and concerns on this topic!

HVAC not only regulates the temperature within your home, but it also improves the quality of air. Georgia summers are notorious for high humidity levels, and a typical HVAC will reduce the amount of humidity inside your home. If you find yourself with a non-working HVAC, it will have your whole family running outside where there might be a breeze! 

Air Condition Installation

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Maintaining a good balance of humidity within your home is another overlooked aspect of what HVAC systems can do for you, especially when it’s in the middle of a hot and humid Southern summer. The worst thing that can happen within your HVAC system– aside from it dying– is mold. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are the secret to balancing indoor air quality levels between the ideal levels of 30% – 50%. High levels of humidity within your home can lead to mold and other damages, but having low humidity levels will cause your home to be too dry. Cold, dry nose and dry throat are possible side effects of your home having low levels of humidity.

Save Money with a New HVAC System

Consider newer and more improved HVAC systems with new efficiency standards which will result in substantial energy savings. Additionally, these come with warranties requiring regular maintenance of your air conditioning and heating systems so that they don’t expire. If your utility bills are steadily rising, you’ll save more money by replacing your old HVAC system rather than waiting for it to break down. Scheduling regular tune-ups also inhibit regular maintenance which can catch early signs of an issue.

Schedule Regular Inspections for a Longer Lifespan From Your HVAC 

While HVAC systems are meant to live outside and there is meant to be little to no fuss with them adjusting to fluctuating temperatures, it is still a good idea to know what to do in case your cooling and heating system decides to retire. You want to be proactive and save money on these high functioning machines before you’re completely without air conditioning. Most AC systems last between 15 to 20 years. You could almost forget about it since you will never need to cover your HVAC with an umbrella for shade or a thermal blanket for warmth. A good rule of thumb though is having a yearly inspection of your AC unit with a trusted professional to make sure no problems arise. This will make sure your AC lasts overall. Since your HVAC is probably sitting in a spot beside your house you don’t regularly see, make a habit of simply checking for signs your HVAC is in full working mode.

Signs of Trouble From Your HVAC

Your HVAC system shouldn’t have a pool of water around it, and it shouldn’t just be blowing out hot air. If anything seems to be awry, promptly call your chosen HVAC service team like Top Notch Heating & Air. Setting up your home or office building for HVAC is an intricate process, and you need to hire a Top Notch Heating & Air professional that you can safely rely on for skillful and efficient work. 

Check Out Various HVAC Systems!

Like any appliance, HVAC systems come in many variations and not all are created equal. There are heat pumps which are a type of AC system. If you think these are contrasting ideas, heat pumps can be used year-round. It takes hot air from the outside and turns it into cool air for your home, and it does the opposite during the winter taking the cold air and transforming it to heat. If you have a ductless system, it is where you require a vent in the ceiling or a slim unit on the wall. Although the initial cost would be more, a ductless system would be more cost-efficient to go with than central air. Top Notch Heating & Air can help you figure which system you already have or is best suited for your home.

The summer time is meant to be relaxing, not having to worry about your HVAC unit’s performance. Periodically checking that your HVAC isn’t making unusual sounds or that your cold air hasn’t ceased, are proactive ways of making sure your HVAC system lasts through the heat of the summer. Let Top Notch Heating and Air be of service and keep your home cool all year round!

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